Highland Avenue Community Church of the Nazarene in Rancho Cucamonga, California



Hiya from the Emerald Isle!

First, sending my apologies as it has been quite a bit of time since my last update. Things have just started to slow down for a bit.  I had the privilege of taking a week holiday and traveled to the west of Ireland and to Northern Ireland when a friend from PLNU stopped in Ireland on
his Europe travels. I also had a short, but sweet visit from a close friend from my lovely time in Manchester last week. Seeing how summer holiday is here for most of those in secondary school–aside from those students who have exams, my schedule has begun to change a bit.

I finished up with the Riders Disabled Association (RDA) just a couple weeks ago and have begun summer activities for the youth that I volunteer with at The Way Project in Wicklow Town. Other activities such as playgroup and the youth cafe will carry on as usual for a few more weeks. I spoke at the Nazarene youth club in Greystones just a little over a week ago. I shared a monologue from the perspective of the Woman At the Well from John 4, spoke on the reality of brokenness, the significance of being honest with someone we trust, the importance of being sensitive to each others brokenness, but lastly the hope that we have that God promises to journey with us in our brokenness (we particularly see this through God sending His son, Jesus, on the cross to suffer for our sins). It was quite possibly the most confident I’ve felt preaching and while it was all to the glory of God, I felt encouraged afterwards when youth came up to me to thank me for sharing my story and also that it spoke deeply into their lives.