Highland Avenue Community Church of the Nazarene in Rancho Cucamonga, California

The Reason is Hope



Pastor John Watkin

Sermon outline is available for download (Microsoft Word file) – Click Here

This is the first of four messages in Advent. Advent is a Latin word that means “coming.” This refers to the coming of Jesus Christ, God’s Son, to our world at Christmas.

Have you noticed the increased use of alternate words for Christmas? Terms like “Happy Holidays,” “Yuletide Greetings,” “Happiest Time of the Year” and especially “Season’s Greetings” have replaced Christmas as a celebration of the Birth of Jesus on many of our greeting cards.  As a society, we are moving toward treasuring the trappings of Christmas more than Jesus who is the true reason for the season. That’s why I’m calling this Advent series, “Season’s Reasons.”

Each Sunday of Advent and again on Christmas Eve, we will look at a Biblical reason for this season. These reasons each point to Jesus. This is such an important season for us
as Christ followers.  On the First Sunday of Advent in a message entitled, “The Reason of Hope,” we will look at the very specific and accurate prophecies of Isaiah regarding the coming and purpose of Jesus the Messiah.  Isaiah wrote about 700 years before Christ but his words seem to indicate that he saw the Savior with his own eyes. The Apostle John wrote,

“Isaiah said this because he saw Jesus’ glory and spoke about Him.” John 12:41 (NIV)

Jesus came not only to be born into this world… but to be born in us!

Isaiah’s promises about Christ give us hope and when they’re fulfilled in us they also bring love, joy and peace both now and in the future.

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