Highland Avenue Community Church of the Nazarene in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Discipline Policy for Children

Discipline provides a set of guidelines for behavior of children and adults.

Discipline is necessary:

  1. To prevent bodily harm
  2. To protect the child’s health
  3. To increase the child’s social awareness and encourage the child to develop
  4. To provide the child with emotional security

Discipline should show the children how to behave in a social environment. It should be a process by which children are learning to control their own actions. The ultimate goal is to build up the child’s self control.  Discipline redirects behavior in a positive way.  The method we use at Highland Ave. Christian School is REDIRECTION.

Time Out Spot: The child getting a time out will be removed from the undesirable situation and placed in a prearranged spot.  This can be a chair in an area where the teacher can watch the child.  No lectures will be given, but the child will always be told why the time out was given so they understand the disciplinary measures.

Time Out Should Never Exceed: 2 minutes for the 2 year olds, 3 minutes for the 3 year olds, 4 minutes for the 4 year olds 5 minutes for the 5 year old.

When a child is displaying unacceptable behavior (ex. hitting, kicking, biting) the teacher will explain to the child that it’s not okay to behave in this manner.  The teacher will also explain that the child needs to change his/ her behavior because it is not acceptable.  Depending on how serious the action was, the child will be allowed to participate in class activities again.  However, we reserve the right to call the parents and have the child picked up. There is a zero tolerance biting policy, for children over the age of two.

*** Under no circumstances is a parent allowed to approach in an aggressive manner, reprimand, humiliate, or yell at a child while in the care of Highland Avenue Christian School. Any such behavior is subject to immediate dismissal from our program.***

Discipline is the ongoing process of helping children to develop inner controls and assume responsibility for their own actions.  We accomplish this by setting, explaining and consistently enforcing clear and understandable rules, limits and consequences prior to and as part of any disciplinary action.  As much as possible in carrying out discipline, teachers will use firm, positive statements or redirection of behavior.  Children will have reasonable opportunity to resolve their own conflicts. Under no circumstance will children be punished for toilet accidents or accidental spills.

Although discipline problems of children in preschool rarely warrant it, Highland Ave. Christian School reserves the right to exclude from the program any child whose behavior seriously disrupts the program or is a danger to him/herself or to others. When a child has a pattern of unacceptable behavior, incident reports will be sent home. After several attempts it may become necessary to exclude the child.

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