Highland Avenue Community Church of the Nazarene in Rancho Cucamonga, California

The Child’s Learning Experiences


  1. To help the individual child develop a sense of self-acceptance.
  2. To provide an environment that will foster a sense of security in the child.
  3. To help the child learn to feel accepted by his/her teachers and peers.


  1. Prayers- Morning, mealtime, special needs.
  2. Stories- Bible, animal, children, nursery rhymes, etc.
  3. Music- Singing, rhythm instruments marching, records, music, interpretation.
  4. Pledges- American and Christian Flags and Bible.
  5. Character development- Sharing, taking turns, neatness honesty, helpless, courtesy, obedience, kindness, responsibility, joy.
  6. Reading readiness- Matching recognizing: differences and sequences, letters and their sounds, left to right activities, recognizing and printing their name.
  7. Gross Motor skills- Climbing, running, jumping, riding, swinging, sliding, skipping, balancing, throwing, group exercises.
  8. Art- Names of colors, finger and brush painting, crayons, cutting, gluing, collage.
  9. Manipulative skills- Blocks, stringing beads, peg boards, puzzles, textures, shapes.
  10. Health facts- Cleanliness, nutrition, rest, exercise, fresh air, teeth, hair care.
  11. Science- Plants, seeds, fish pets, insects, reptiles, birds, weather, seasons.
  12. Number facts- Calendar, clock, counting, shapes, one to one relationship, games.
  13.  Chapel Time- We have formal Chapel once each week varying between Tues. and Wed. Our Bible curriculum is each day within our classrooms with music, praying, Q&A, felt stories, finger plays, puppets, books and through our actions towards one another. We never want a day to pass without showing and sharing the Love of JESUS.

*Each child participates as he/she shows desire and readiness for it

**Special Attention: The staff is aware of the need for special attention to new children and will try to help them gain a feeling of belonging.

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