Highland Avenue Community Church of the Nazarene in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Thank you for making the Global 6K a success!

Together, at Highland, we raised enough to provide clean water for 141 children.

Celebrate as you watch OUR video shot by Hannah Grani:


Here is the Global 6K for Water Thank you Video.  Our 84 participants raised enough so that 141 children will have clean water but can you imagine what 52,000 people around the world raised?  I can’t wait to hear the final numbers.



SAVE THE DATE – Next year’s Global 6K for Water is Saturday, May 16, 2020   

You say you don’t know what you are doing a year from now.  Well here are my answers:

  1. Now you do.
  2. You can walk/run the 6K from anywhere even your vacation rental in Hawaii.
  3. Isn’t a small donation worth a child receiving clean water?

Register athttps://www.teamworldvision.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.event&eventID=1180&referrer=tyvideo

  • Click on “Register Now”
  • Then on next page  “Login to Your Account”

Thank you again,

Marie Perez

World Vision 6K for Water Organizer

Highland Avenue Community Church/School



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